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What Happens When You Don’t Protect At-Risk Cultures

9 April 2013 No Comment

The same thing that happens when you don’t protect at-risk sports. They go extinct.

The Selk’nam were the most powerful warring tribe on the islands named ¬†Tierra del Fuego by Magellan and the explorers who first saw plumes of smoke coming from encampments off the coast of Chile in 1520.

Lucas Bridges, wrote that Selk’nam wrestling involved holding the arms of one’s opponent and attempting to throw him to the ground while never breaking the hold, fighting until one or the other could no longer continue.

Modern culture finally absorbed the last of the Selk’nam in the early 20th-century. For years they’d been plied them from their land by governments and hunted by expeditions bent on eradicate their existence. They lost out to those powerful and violent forces, but they leave us with an important reminder.¬†No matter if it’s language, the arts, or sport modern culture has a responsibility to preserve traditions for the next generation. When we fail to do so, we fail in our fundamental role as stewards to history.

Though nothing can bring back the Selk’nam, we can honor their warrior spirit by remembering that we still have time to act by helping to save the traditional wrestling styles still in practice around the world.

Read the rest here. http://io9.com/5905972/extinct-people-of-the-land-of-fire-were-mighty-wrestlers

Selk'nam Children

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