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[ 28 Jun 2011 | One Comment ]

I’ve decided to re-print the edited email of my first motorcycle ride in honor of this afternoon’s return to motorcycle travel. This is the story of what happens when you’re forced to learn to ride a motorcycle in the nuttiest population center on the planet.

I was being pressured into a bigger and better adventure than simple backpacking. My friend “Big” and I were traveling through southeast Asia for a few months and we decided to rent bikes to get a …

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[ 28 Jun 2011 | One Comment ]

Mongolia is not a country where foreigners should expect to get things done in a hurry. I was suppose to have my motorcycle last night, but that was changed to this morning and then to “later this evening.” Setting up lodging is an equally cumbersome activity, wrought with promises that are rarely fulfilled. Then of course there is just the general communication breakdown that exists between speakers of a tonal language like Mongolian and a romance language like English. But …