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[ 15 Feb 2012 | 21 Comments ]

Wrestling Roots’ most intrepid traveler, Mark Lovejoy,┬áhas once again logged a unique wrestling experience and shared his experience with our readers. Slideshow of photos are at the bottom of the post — don’t miss out and be sure to comment!
Before I try to put my thoughts into words, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ansuia Prasad for putting up with me, bringing me all over town, and buying me a half-dozen chai teas that are keeping …

Countries, Featured, India »

[ 30 Nov 2011 | 9 Comments ]

India claims one of the largest and most socially influential traditional wrestling styles in the world. Wrestling takes place in softened earth, where a ghee mixture added to the soil. The wrestlers intent on studying – and at some point competing in front of thousands of fans – are trained by gurus (coaches) in akharas (local wrestling schools) where the wrestlers wake up as early as 4 AM for conditioning work. Wrestlers are also asked to restrict their diets and …