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[ 9 May 2014 | 4 Comments ]

Shuai Jiao Realist
By Antonio Graceffo
On deciding not to wrestle in the Chinese national shuai jiao championships:
My eighth month aniversary is coming up now, eight months that I have been on the Chinese traditional wrestling (Shuai jiao) team at Shanghai University of Sport. Before joining the team, I had spent one year training and fighting MMA fulltime, in Malaysia. The final half of that year, I actually lived in the MMA gym. So, I had picked up some grappling, but I …

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[ 20 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Electric Bike/Scooter Thing

Crossing a road to grab a cup of coffee. Picking up the dry-cleaning. Walking into you hotel lobby. No place in China is safe from the electric motorbike. Unlike motorized scooters, which these hybrid bike replaced, there is no pollution, which conservative estimates claim contributed to the death of more than 750k Chinese a year. However, as goes the motor, so goes the sound, making these bikes nothing more than poorly aimed 80 lbs. missiles.
Of course, Chinese drivers are the …

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[ 14 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

The Chinese have gotten pretty fancy in their effort to make an exact replica of everything the world has ever made. From tee shirts to aircraft carriers this is a country built on reverse engineering. It’s not just physical items either, you get the sense watching the evening news that they simply pasted over CNN’s logo and pushed play (though they did manage to remove much of the content as well…)
I’ve profited from the Chinese ability to recreate consumer items …