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[ 5 Nov 2013 | 4 Comments ]

The positive attention that wrestling received after it was initially removed from the Olympics was phenomenal.  An internet campaign was quickly established to coordinate and inform wrestling fans across the globe about the fight to reestablish the sport within the Olympics.
During this time, news articles from major newspapers around the world not only published stories about well established wrestling countries like the US, Russia, and Iran; but they dug deep into their own local culture and wrote about the increased …

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[ 5 Sep 2013 | 2 Comments ]

Matt Carotenuto
Associate Professor of African History
St. Lawrence University
As the International Olympic Committee prepares to vote on whether to include wrestling in the 2020 Olympic Games, this article explores the grassroots potential of wrestling on the African continent. Through a small but vibrant wrestling program in Kenya, efforts are underway to connect Olympic Freestyle and Greco to Africa’s sporting traditions of the distant past. From inside the walls of a Nairobi prison to a highland soccer pitch in the Great Rift …

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[ 9 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]
Cornish 3

President of ETSGA,
the European Traditional Sports and Games Association
Researcher in cultural anthropology, attached to the University of Brest (France)

The vocabulary of modern life often uses in an inappropriate way the term “traditional” which comes from the Latin traditio “action to transmit”. Traditional games that have been transmitted to us from generation to generation are body expressions, which reflect the particular culture of different existing communities all over the world. These games represent an element of cultural recognition, and through …

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[ 2 May 2013 | 2 Comments ]

In our travels, we have come across a large handful of Fulbright Scholars: film makers, writers, dancers, and many teachers. However, we have yet to come across a sports-based Fulbrighter.
As the college school year is coming to a conclusion, it would be great to see student athletes, coaches, or other educators be a part of this State Department program.
For those of you who read our site, follow the Wrestling Roots’ twitter/tumblr/facebook page know, WRESTLING IS EVERYWHERE. It would be great …

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[ 22 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]

O Ancient immortal Spirit, pure father
Of beauty, of greatness and of truth,
Descend, reveal yourself and flash like lightning here,
within the glory of your own earth and sky.

At running and at wrestling and at throwing,
Shine in the momentum of noble contests,
And crown with the unfading branch
And make the body worthy and ironlike. (twice)

Plains, mountains and seas glow with you
Like a white-and-purple great temple,
And hurries at the temple here, your pilgrim, (twice)
O Ancient immortal Spirit, every nation. (twice)

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[ 12 Apr 2013 | One Comment ]
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Women’s Senegalese Wrestling and the Real Victims of the IOC
T.R. Foley
For centuries female wrestlers in Senegal have competed in seasonal wrestling matches as a way to help create good fortune for the annual rice crop. However, with the expansion of Olympic opportunities for women in wrestling the nation’s most-talented female wrestlers have become accustomed to using the sport as a vessel for recognition on the international stage and fighting for equal rights at home. It’s an opportunity that gives Senegalese women hope for …

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[ 7 Apr 2013 | Comments Off ]

As the wrestling world comes to grips with the impact of the IOC’s decision, several media members around the world have started to tell the stories of wrestlers in their home countries whose lives will be adversely affected by the decision.
No country has more to lose than Iran. In the following documentary we get to watch first hand as their wrestlers strive to better the position and standing of their family through sport. The sport means something to the people, …

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[ 13 Aug 2012 | 2 Comments ]

Olympic Wrestling Roundup
Mark Lovejoy
Now that the Olympics have concluded, we can now catch up on our sleep by having irregular naps to match the irregular wrestling coverage we just witnessed.  I tried to watch the Games from Africa, so don’t whine to me about television coverage of the Olympics.  When we were able to actually watch wrestling on TV, I knew the results ahead of time, but it was worth watching the matches if only to hear my wife say …

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[ 30 May 2012 | One Comment ]
Grand Sumo 2008  Day 1

“Sumo in Japan dates back at least 1,500 years, possibly more.  Matches were held at Shinto shrines, at festivals with music, dancing, drama, and other performances.  As early as the 7th century, regular sumo competitions took place at the imperial court, as entertainment for royalty.”

I’m happy to have Andrew F. Freund, Trustee, US Sumo Federation as a guest contributor. He does an excellent jon describing the culture of sumo and how the sport has grown in the United States. –Tim

SUMO – Japan’s …

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[ 6 May 2012 | One Comment ]

Turkish Wrestling is probably the most misunderstood traditional style in the world. Bodies are covered in oil and the outfit is just a bare chest and leather pants. Add-in rules that necessitate a liberal definition of personal space and you can see how some prejudices arise.
Some help for those of you who want a little insight.
(The term) “kispet,” were first adopted by Muslim wrestlers for reasons of modesty. Weighing about 12 kilograms, they are leather, custom made for the athlete and have …