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[ 30 Jan 2015 | 2 Comments ]

Stumbled upon this article today written by Khashayar Sarrafi (link posted below).
How many of our readers have  similar ethos within their teams?  If so, feel free to list some of the words and principles that embody your team within the comments section.
The way of Pahlavans Wrestling - Koshti Pahlavani (Heroic Wrestling):

Being a pahlavan wrestler is a unique way to connect to the world…Keeping Tradition alive through education and cultural practices.
1-Be friend pure, knowledgeable, and wise pahlavan wrestler.
2-The best virtue of a pahlavan …

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[ 12 Oct 2014 | One Comment ]

Students, here is a great timeline of wrestling from ancient times until today.  Feel free to use the information here on any upcoming research papers you have. However, please make sure you site Antonio Graceffo in your Works Sited paper/Bibliography.
A brief time-line overview of the development of western wrestling; from the oldest known image of wrestlers, dating back to 3000 BC Sumaeria, to the ancient Olympics, Pankration, the gladiatorial games, Greco-Roman wrestling, catch wrestling, modern Olympic wrestling, professional wrestling, to …

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[ 12 Sep 2014 | 2 Comments ]
Backhold Wrestling

A fantastic photo essay from the Scottish Wrestling Bond, an organization dedicated to promoting traditional Scottish wrestling. Please take a look at the hard work they have done to promote their sport.  – Mark L.
From their website:
Backhold Wrestling can be seen all over Scotland and the north of England from May to October, at Highland and Border Games. The rules are simple, once the closed hold with the right hand under the opponent’s left is taken, the referee shouts “hold” …

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[ 22 Jul 2014 | No Comment ]

The great debate: Is wrestling a team sport or an individual sport?
I came across this interesting article about Kaori Icho. I placed it on Wrestling Roots’ social media sites. However, I wanted to place it here to give it a more permanent setting. – Mark L.
“Japan’s Kaori Icho has the most impressive career record of any female wrestler in the world. Since the sport was first included on the Olympic women’s programme at Athens 2004, she has made the 63kg …

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[ 25 Jun 2014 | No Comment ]

I was searching for some traditional wrestling photographs to place on the Wrestling Roots tumblr when I came across this webpage promoting a book on Glima by Bennett Nichols. I wanted to place it here as well since the top of the page seems to have a notification that the website that was used “is outdated and has been archived.” Just in case the page is gone in the near future, I wanted to place Mr. Nichols’ information here on …

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[ 4 Jun 2014 | No Comment ]

Sensei Gary Rasanen, an 8th degree grand master of judo grabs my
sleeve and my lapel, similar to a grip used in Chinese shuai jiao
wrestling. He pulls me into his hip, sits down slightly, while pulling
my arm across his chest, and suddenly, I am airborne. I slam, hard on
the mat, as his body crashes down on top of me. Careful to maintain
control of my arm, he rotates his hip toward me and widens his legs,
in order to drop more weight on …

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[ 18 Apr 2014 | One Comment ]

Wrestling Me and the Inner-City
By. Eric Washington
          I remember being called, “a big six.” It was almost as if people didn’t believe I was only six years old. “He sure is a big six!” It wasn’t like we were trying to get in free on the bus or an amusement ride park, this was freaking everywhere! It wasn’t that I was one of those mammoth babies, like the one you see on YouTube, all fat smoking …

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[ 15 Feb 2014 | One Comment ]

The following essay if from WR reader, Antonio Graceffo. Antonio is currently a PhD candidate at Shanghai University of Sport.  Please check out his other works that we have listed below.  We will be posting future essays from his travels.  Enjoy!
I first came to Asia in 2001, when I went to Taiwan to study Chinese and kung fu, in preparation to go study at the Shaolin Temple, in Henan, China. In 2003, I went to Shaolin and studied san da. …

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[ 13 Jan 2014 | One Comment ]

Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sport. Horses were one of the first animals humans domesticated.  It is no surprise that the two sports would be combined somewhere in the world.
Audaryspak is a sport where the rules are pretty straight forward: The rider (dzhigit) that is able to wrestle his opponent from his horse wins.
Audaryspak is still practiced during cultural celebrations in Kazakhstan. In fact, many believe that it was the steppes of Kazakhstan where horses were first domesticated.
I doubt the …

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[ 8 Dec 2013 | No Comment ]
Aesops Fables title

Not only was Aesop a famous ancient Greek storyteller, he must have been a wrestler as well:


A lion was about to devour a hare that was sleeping at the edge of a field, when he saw a deer passing by.

The lion left the hare to his nap. A moment later, the hare awoke and, quicker than a wink, ran far, far away.
In the meantime, the lion began to chase the deer, but as fast …