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[ 28 Aug 2010 | One Comment ]

In a perfect wrestling world, cultures would still achieve oral and written tradition alongside the physical, the passing along of local wrestling techniques, rules and ceremony are excellent examples of cultural identifiers. Sumo is different than Kushti is different than Scholastic and each of the variables reflects priorities and provides information about local values. Yesterday I’d discovered that someone in Lieu Doi was passing these traditions to members of his small village. But …

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[ 12 Aug 2010 | One Comment ]

There’s a new trend in fitness and wellness education that insists to be lean and happy, you need to understand how primal societies operated, in essences an anthropologically-based plan for diet and exercise. Primal eating plans, barefoot running, the ascension of Vitamin D for healthy lifestyles are just a few examples of anthropologically rooted sciences supporting a new way of living in the 21st century. Books like Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run have created …