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[ 23 May 2011 | No Comment ]

The Web is filled with excellent resources about the American brand of wrestling. Many sites, including Intermat and Flowrestling cover the day-to-day information about the sport, prompting me to have a more comparative interest in the sport. I hope the posts of the next 10 weeks will add insight and perspective into our style of traditional wrestling and illustrate what other cultures might find odd (e.g.headgear) or entertaining (e.g. NCAA’s).
In the meantime click the link below to view Nick Brandreth’s …

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[ 18 May 2011 | One Comment ]
Cornish 3

Those silly Irishmen and their fistfights. If anything is more synonymous with the Irish than Guinness, it’s a good ol’ street fight. From the scruffy Ginger mascot of Notre Dame, to stories of grandfathers lining up disrespectful mouths for left hooks – the Irish lineage is steeped in aggression. Perhaps it’s no wonder then that the Irish (along with their UK neighbors) have a long tradition of wrestling, of which the American collegiate style is a direct descendant.
From fields and …

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[ 15 May 2011 | One Comment ]

The blog is young, but I already feel guilty about not posting anything regarding the traditional style of wrestling I learned in growing up in Virginia. As most readers understand the fight to keep America’s traditional wrestling relevant has been expensive and labor intensive, but with resources and hard work the wrestling community is making gains every year. Let’s hope this project helps in that process.
Photo by Nick Brandreth. Check out his work at www.nickbrandreth.com