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[ 12 Apr 2013 | One Comment ]
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Women’s Senegalese Wrestling and the Real Victims of the IOC
T.R. Foley
For centuries female wrestlers in Senegal have competed in seasonal wrestling matches as a way to help create good fortune for the annual rice crop. However, with the expansion of Olympic opportunities for women in wrestling the nation’s most-talented female wrestlers have become accustomed to using the sport as a vessel for recognition on the international stage and fighting for equal rights at home. It’s an opportunity that gives Senegalese women hope for …

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[ 13 May 2011 | 3 Comments ]

Traditional wrestling is like the new word you learn and then suddenly hear everywhere. A few months after I started researching this project I started hearing a lot about traditional styles across Africa – a country not well-known for dominance in Olympic style competition. Well after a few months I get more emails about African styles than most any other region of the world. They love their wrestling in countries like The Gambia, and, as you can see below, Senegal.

You …