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[ 7 Nov 2013 | One Comment ]

In the past year we have written about the growth of women’s wrestling in the US and within the Olympic Games. At the 2004 Games in Athens– the first year women wrestled at the Olympics — 20 countries sent women to compete. By the 2012 Games in London that number jumped to 42 countries. That number is expected to rise again in 2016 where women will have two more weight classes added to the competition, for a total of 24 …

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[ 12 Aug 2011 | One Comment ]

By: Gregg Humphreys
SAMBO: A Short History.
Sambo was created by two men, Viktor Spiridonov and Vasli Oshchepkov. Spiridonov studied the indigenous folk wrestling styles of the Soviet Republics with the most notable being Chidaoba (Georgia) and Kurash (Uzbekistan). He also studied the systems of almost every Soviet Republic as well as Mongolia.
Oshchepkov studied judo in Japan and achieved a Nidan rank( 2nd Degree Blackbelt).
Both these men took what they felt was useful from the styles they studied and combined them to …