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[ 15 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]
Daily News Egypt cover

Abdelrahman Ahmed Shaalan, now known as ”Osunaarashi” (Great Sandstorm) arrived in Japan two years ago after winning sumo competitions in his home country of Egypt. During his time training at the home of sumo, Osunaarashi, has been promoted to the”makuuchi” (elite) division.  With this promotion, he becomes the first sumo wrestler from either the African continent or the Arab region to earn this honor.
The makuuchi division is made up of 42  wrestlers including two grand champions (yokozuna), both of whom are Mongolians. …

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[ 11 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

Much like the other traditional forms of wrestling we have highlighted, Cornish wrestling has been around for centuries and has been in the midst of a revival of sorts.  A quick search of the sport on youtube will garner dozens of contemporary matches and exhibitions that have been filmed in local fairs.
It’s an ancient skill.  In 1415, at the Battle of Agincourt, banners borne by Cornwall’s fighting men carried symbols showing wrestlers.  

So how does Cornish wrestling work?  The object …

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[ 8 Nov 2013 | 4 Comments ]
Yasuhiro Murotatsu in match

Within the past year, wrestling has become a terrific catalyst for diplomacy.  It was wonderful to see the US, Russia, and Iran meeting together on the wrestling mat in New York City this past May during the “Rumble on the Rails.”  The positive press that accompanied the event was tremendous for the sport of wrestling and the concept of peace-through-sports.
On the heels of ROTRs and the unity of the global wrestling community forged within the months between the IOC’s decision …

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[ 7 Nov 2013 | One Comment ]

In the past year we have written about the growth of women’s wrestling in the US and within the Olympic Games. At the 2004 Games in Athens– the first year women wrestled at the Olympics — 20 countries sent women to compete. By the 2012 Games in London that number jumped to 42 countries. That number is expected to rise again in 2016 where women will have two more weight classes added to the competition, for a total of 24 …

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[ 5 Nov 2013 | One Comment ]
MYSORE GRAPPLERS by akshay mahajan (pushups)

When visiting akharas in India last year, Tim and Mark commented on how modest each of these gyms were: a dirt pit for wrestling, ropes to climb for conditioning, and a guru instructing young athletes what to do. The goal was simple, to keep a large team of young men using these akharas to learn discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and the skills to become a successful wrestler.
As India has become more modern, there has been a concern that the traditional sport of kushti …

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[ 5 Nov 2013 | 4 Comments ]

The positive attention that wrestling received after it was initially removed from the Olympics was phenomenal.  An internet campaign was quickly established to coordinate and inform wrestling fans across the globe about the fight to reestablish the sport within the Olympics.
During this time, news articles from major newspapers around the world not only published stories about well established wrestling countries like the US, Russia, and Iran; but they dug deep into their own local culture and wrote about the increased …

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[ 5 Sep 2013 | 2 Comments ]

Matt Carotenuto
Associate Professor of African History
St. Lawrence University
As the International Olympic Committee prepares to vote on whether to include wrestling in the 2020 Olympic Games, this article explores the grassroots potential of wrestling on the African continent. Through a small but vibrant wrestling program in Kenya, efforts are underway to connect Olympic Freestyle and Greco to Africa’s sporting traditions of the distant past. From inside the walls of a Nairobi prison to a highland soccer pitch in the Great Rift …

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[ 2 May 2013 | 2 Comments ]

In our travels, we have come across a large handful of Fulbright Scholars: film makers, writers, dancers, and many teachers. However, we have yet to come across a sports-based Fulbrighter.
As the college school year is coming to a conclusion, it would be great to see student athletes, coaches, or other educators be a part of this State Department program.
For those of you who read our site, follow the Wrestling Roots’ twitter/tumblr/facebook page know, WRESTLING IS EVERYWHERE. It would be great …

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[ 12 Apr 2013 | One Comment ]
Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 4.11.11 PM

Women’s Senegalese Wrestling and the Real Victims of the IOC
T.R. Foley
For centuries female wrestlers in Senegal have competed in seasonal wrestling matches as a way to help create good fortune for the annual rice crop. However, with the expansion of Olympic opportunities for women in wrestling the nation’s most-talented female wrestlers have become accustomed to using the sport as a vessel for recognition on the international stage and fighting for equal rights at home. It’s an opportunity that gives Senegalese women hope for …

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[ 9 Apr 2013 | Comments Off ]
Tierra del Fuego

The same thing that happens when you don’t protect at-risk sports. They go extinct.
The Selk’nam were the most powerful warring tribe on the islands named  Tierra del Fuego by Magellan and the explorers who first saw plumes of smoke coming from encampments off the coast of Chile in 1520.
Lucas Bridges, wrote that Selk’nam wrestling involved holding the arms of one’s opponent and attempting to throw him to the ground while never breaking the hold, fighting until one or the other …