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[ 30 Jan 2015 | 2 Comments ]

Stumbled upon this article today written by Khashayar Sarrafi (link posted below).
How many of our readers have  similar ethos within their teams?  If so, feel free to list some of the words and principles that embody your team within the comments section.
The way of Pahlavans Wrestling - Koshti Pahlavani (Heroic Wrestling):

Being a pahlavan wrestler is a unique way to connect to the world…Keeping Tradition alive through education and cultural practices.
1-Be friend pure, knowledgeable, and wise pahlavan wrestler.
2-The best virtue of a pahlavan …

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[ 18 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]
Zoorkhaneh title

Came across this piece from The Atlantic.  Here are some quotes from the article; however, please visit the site as well.  It would be great to let more media outlets know there is an audience of wrestling fans that read/watch/write about the sport no matter where the competitions are held. So, help their view count increase (and write a comment) by clicking on the site linking to the original article pasted below.
Centuries before the Islamic Republic or even Islam, Persian …

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[ 7 Apr 2013 | Comments Off ]

As the wrestling world comes to grips with the impact of the IOC’s decision, several media members around the world have started to tell the stories of wrestlers in their home countries whose lives will be adversely affected by the decision.
No country has more to lose than Iran. In the following documentary we get to watch first hand as their wrestlers strive to better the position and standing of their family through sport. The sport means something to the people, …