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[ 9 May 2014 | 4 Comments ]

Shuai Jiao Realist
By Antonio Graceffo
On deciding not to wrestle in the Chinese national shuai jiao championships:
My eighth month aniversary is coming up now, eight months that I have been on the Chinese traditional wrestling (Shuai jiao) team at Shanghai University of Sport. Before joining the team, I had spent one year training and fighting MMA fulltime, in Malaysia. The final half of that year, I actually lived in the MMA gym. So, I had picked up some grappling, but I …

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[ 18 Nov 2011 | 3 Comments ]

This post is an unedited entry by a fellow traditional wrestling fan making his way through China and learning wrestling for the first time. Impressive stuff! 
Enjoy, TRF
My girlfriend and I arrived in Beijing in April. We had spent the last year and a half living in England and now I was going to meet my Chaiyi’s parents for the first time and to practise Chinese wrestling in her home town for just over a …

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[ 21 Jun 2011 | 2 Comments ]

China can be exhausting and one random weekday night I took a much-needed break from the nightlife of the city and downloaded some movies from iTunes. Yes, this is an adventure blog, but sometimes, you just need a vacation from your vacation.
I queued up the movie Blood Diamond starring a Rhodesian-accented Leo DiCaprio and the great eyebrows of Jennifer Connelly. For those who haven’t seen the movie, it’s essentially about J-Cons work as a journalist to uncover the story behind the sale …

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[ 20 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Electric Bike/Scooter Thing

Crossing a road to grab a cup of coffee. Picking up the dry-cleaning. Walking into you hotel lobby. No place in China is safe from the electric motorbike. Unlike motorized scooters, which these hybrid bike replaced, there is no pollution, which conservative estimates claim contributed to the death of more than 750k Chinese a year. However, as goes the motor, so goes the sound, making these bikes nothing more than poorly aimed 80 lbs. missiles.
Of course, Chinese drivers are the …

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[ 14 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

The Chinese have gotten pretty fancy in their effort to make an exact replica of everything the world has ever made. From tee shirts to aircraft carriers this is a country built on reverse engineering. It’s not just physical items either, you get the sense watching the evening news that they simply pasted over CNN’s logo and pushed play (though they did manage to remove much of the content as well…)
I’ve profited from the Chinese ability to recreate consumer items …

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[ 10 Jun 2011 | 7 Comments ]
Foley in Xinzhou

After three weeks and 1500 miles of circuitous Chinese travel I’ve accomplished my goal to participate in traditional Chinese wrestling, aka shuijiao. I’m in Xinzhou (Shin-Joe), a city in the northern section of the Shanxi province, which is famous for having an abundance of three things: coking coal, hand cut noodles and wrestling. Subtract the noodles and you have Pittsburgh.
Rather than subject you to the ins and outs of how I finally reached this particular school for athletics, or the …

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[ 2 Jun 2011 | One Comment ]

The first day at the wrestling facility produced one good lead, University wrestling instructor Shen Zhi Kun had trained shuaijiao and was willing to meet with us before his judo seminar. Fan (my indispensable, wonderful, saintly translator) met me at the wrestling room and after a rough introduction was able to get Shen to agree to have us in the room to watch practice. Such an innocent start to the day.
Within moments my shirt had been replaced by a gi, …

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[ 31 May 2011 | No Comment ]

I traveled to the Beijing Sports University on Monday to see who would show up for their 10 AM practice. I was told by a maintenance worker that the coaches should be able to help me find some traditional wrestling in the area. The lead was exciting, but just in case the wrestling coaches were exceptionally cool I decided to bring some workout gear for a possible roll. While I was admittedly nervous about wrestling with 30-odd college kids who’d …