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Wrestling Roots: Documenting and Promoting Traditional Wrestling Styles

Wrestling Roots is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive database of traditional wrestling content anywhere on the Internet. The site will feature original user-generated content and aggregate existing multimedia content about folk styles from around the globe. Our content will also include adventure blogs, critical essays and some of the best photography available on the Web. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the world’s oldest and most storied sport.

Nation Pages: These pages will be our top priority. Our goal is to fill the Nation section with countries both steeped in wrestling culture (e.g. India) and those struggling to reestablish their link (e.g. Ethiopia). Each of these unique styles and stories will be told from these home pages, even if they don’t appear in our feature section. Even for nations with more than one traditional style (e.g. Brazil) we’re committed to covering ‘em all.

Adventure Blogs: At times the site will feature the adventure blogs of wrestlers who travel from their home country to experience the sport in a foreign land. Their blogs will be promoted on our site and will utilize photography, video and audio in order to create a full user experience. Anyone can join, just send us a message!

Essays: Critical essays on the problems facing folk styles in countries around the world will be featured at least once a month. American wrestlers and fans are well aware of the impact that Title IX and shrinking athletic budgets have had on our traditional form of wrestling, however, in almost every culture that celebrates wrestling their traditions are also in danger. We hope to generate thoughtful and well-reported essays by journalists, travel writers and local politicians about the problems facing traditional styles from around the globe.

Multimedia Content: The linkable stuff. Wrestling Roots will both aggregate existing video content and support the creation of user-generated material. As part of our initial promotion we will broadcast original videos from the upcoming Mongolian blog on FloWrestling.org – the leading video content Web site for wrestling in America. In addition to video we hope to become the most comprehensive resource for high-resolution photographs of wrestling in the world. We may even throw in a random podcast or two.

Book Projects: The Web site is launching alongside the adventure travel book by T.R. Foley covering his time in China and Mongolia this summer. That book will be released in spring of 2012 and will hopefully be the first of many to come. His blog will be the main feature on the Web site until the next project is announced.


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