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[ 18 Apr 2014 | One Comment ]

Wrestling Me and the Inner-City
By. Eric Washington
          I remember being called, “a big six.” It was almost as if people didn’t believe I was only six years old. “He sure is a big six!” It wasn’t like we were trying to get in free on the bus or an amusement ride park, this was freaking everywhere! It wasn’t that I was one of those mammoth babies, like the one you see on YouTube, all fat smoking …

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[ 15 Feb 2014 | One Comment ]

The following essay if from WR reader, Antonio Graceffo. Antonio is currently a PhD candidate at Shanghai University of Sport.  Please check out his other works that we have listed below.  We will be posting future essays from his travels.  Enjoy!
I first came to Asia in 2001, when I went to Taiwan to study Chinese and kung fu, in preparation to go study at the Shaolin Temple, in Henan, China. In 2003, I went to Shaolin and studied san da. …

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[ 13 Jan 2014 | One Comment ]

Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sport. Horses were one of the first animals humans domesticated.  It is no surprise that the two sports would be combined somewhere in the world.
Audaryspak is a sport where the rules are pretty straight forward: The rider (dzhigit) that is able to wrestle his opponent from his horse wins.
Audaryspak is still practiced during cultural celebrations in Kazakhstan. In fact, many believe that it was the steppes of Kazakhstan where horses were first domesticated.
I doubt the …

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[ 8 Dec 2013 | No Comment ]
Aesops Fables title

Not only was Aesop a famous ancient Greek storyteller, he must have been a wrestler as well:


A lion was about to devour a hare that was sleeping at the edge of a field, when he saw a deer passing by.

The lion left the hare to his nap. A moment later, the hare awoke and, quicker than a wink, ran far, far away.
In the meantime, the lion began to chase the deer, but as fast …

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[ 19 Nov 2013 | 2 Comments ]
MartinFarmerBurns title

Farmer Burns was a famous 20th-century Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestling champion. He earned his fame during the barnstorming days when men would travel from county to county wrestling during fairs and carnivals. Burns was one of the foremost barnstorming wrestlers and very likely wrestled  thousands of matches during his career.
After he retired from the sport, Burns turned to coaching and eventually wrote a book on wrestling techniques, diet, and exercise for wrestlers. Here are some snippets from his work published in 1913:
Practice, …

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Geeta Phogat 3

The growth of women’s wrestling since the Olympics has been astronomical. In 2004, twenty countries sent women to wrestle at the Athens Games. That number jumped to 42 countries for the London Games in 2012. With the increase in weight-classes from four to six  for the Rio Games in 2016,  even more opportunities have been created for women in wrestling.
One of the reasons there has been such an upswing in wrestling’s popularity in India (a country of over a billion …

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Zoorkhaneh title

Came across this piece from The Atlantic.  Here are some quotes from the article; however, please visit the site as well.  It would be great to let more media outlets know there is an audience of wrestling fans that read/watch/write about the sport no matter where the competitions are held. So, help their view count increase (and write a comment) by clicking on the site linking to the original article pasted below.
Centuries before the Islamic Republic or even Islam, Persian …

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[ 15 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]
Daily News Egypt cover

Abdelrahman Ahmed Shaalan, now known as ”Osunaarashi” (Great Sandstorm) arrived in Japan two years ago after winning sumo competitions in his home country of Egypt. During his time training at the home of sumo, Osunaarashi, has been promoted to the”makuuchi” (elite) division.  With this promotion, he becomes the first sumo wrestler from either the African continent or the Arab region to earn this honor.
The makuuchi division is made up of 42  wrestlers including two grand champions (yokozuna), both of whom are Mongolians. …

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[ 11 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

Much like the other traditional forms of wrestling we have highlighted, Cornish wrestling has been around for centuries and has been in the midst of a revival of sorts.  A quick search of the sport on youtube will garner dozens of contemporary matches and exhibitions that have been filmed in local fairs.
It’s an ancient skill.  In 1415, at the Battle of Agincourt, banners borne by Cornwall’s fighting men carried symbols showing wrestlers.  

So how does Cornish wrestling work?  The object …

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[ 8 Nov 2013 | 4 Comments ]
Yasuhiro Murotatsu in match

Within the past year, wrestling has become a terrific catalyst for diplomacy.  It was wonderful to see the US, Russia, and Iran meeting together on the wrestling mat in New York City this past May during the “Rumble on the Rails.”  The positive press that accompanied the event was tremendous for the sport of wrestling and the concept of peace-through-sports.
On the heels of ROTRs and the unity of the global wrestling community forged within the months between the IOC’s decision …